Introducing, A Step-by-Step Guide to 15 Indian Kolams, your comprehensive and user-friendly gateway to the captivating world of traditional Indian art. Dive into the rich heritage of rangoli-making with this beautifully crafted book, designed for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Unveil the magic of 15 exquisite Indian kolams as you embark on a creative journey guided by clear, step-by-step illustrations and simple language. Each kolam comes to life with easy-to-follow instructions that break down the intricate patterns into manageable steps, ensuring that every stroke is a joyful exploration. From timeless symbols of prosperity to intricate designs inspired by nature, these rangolis encapsulate the essence of Indian culture and artistry.

With this book, you’ll not only create stunning artworks but also connect with a centuries-old tradition that brings communities together. Whether you’re adorning your home with vibrant colors or engaging in mindful creativity, this book empowers you to master the art of rangoli-making at your own pace. Join us in celebrating the beauty, symmetry, and harmony of Indian kolams, one step at a time.